Things To Ponder On When Making Retail Packaging Decisions

Published: 22nd March 2012
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Retail packaging is often disregarded when we plan to establish a retail or manufacturing business. Essentially, they are not given enough attention. But, if we will keenly analyze the factors that contribute to retail success, decisions with regard to retail packaging is as important as the product itself. Accordingly, here are the factors that are crucial in making retail packaging decisions:

Protection of the product The main reason why products are enclosed in packaging is to protect it from breakage or damage cause by mechanical shock, compression or temperature. It is also employed as protection from oxygen, moist and dust to prevent the product's exposure to any foreign elements that might affect the quality of the product and keep it secured for the intended shelf life of retail products.

Visibility - In every competitive marketplace, the retail packaging should not only contain and shield the contents from breakage or damages but it should also enhance the presence of the product in the market. The packaging should have a distinctive and eye-catching design that will easily get the interest of buyers. A remarkable packaging design is crucial in capturing the attention of customers and building credibility. This is indispensable especially for buyers who do not know anything about your brand and in cases that your product is exhibited in a shelf of a grocery store along with your competitors' product. In fact, having an effective packaging design could help you differentiate your product from those of your competitor. Thus, direct price comparison becomes more intricate for shoppers and this could eventually heighten your profit margins.

Added Value - packaging is a great technique of adding value to the products you are marketing. It can augment the goods you are supplying to the market without raising your actual production cost. It can also add value to the shelf appeal of the product you are selling. For example, customers will pick the item with a convenient to use packaging rather than the other brands which are complicated to consume or utilize. While astonishing designs can make the product appear more attractive to display in the buyers' home.

Distributor Acceptance When doing packaging decisions make certain that you do not only consider the final customer but it should be permitted by distributors who sell the product for you. The retailer may not accept your product because its packaging did not meet the requirements that they set for storing and stocking up the products on their shelves.

Added Cost - Of course, in every decision we make in business is coupled with cost that could take considerable part in your products' market price. If your brand is appears to be more pricey compared to other brands who are selling the same products on the market consumers will definitely select them over you. Hence, smart choice and decisions on how you want to package retail product efficiently that gets added value and bigger profit at a lower cost is very important.

Environmental and legal issues - The environmental consequences of your decision must be taken into consideration especially for retail products that are usually discarded after the item has been consumed. Packaging made from non-biodegradable materials may capture the attention of many consumers but it could also call environmental or legal attention. Lastly, ensure that your brand packaging do not abuse anyone's intellectual property rights.

Danica Green is a branding enthusiast who believes that retail packaging and structural design can add value to the shelf impact of your retail product. To learn more information about the significance of proper packaging in branding please visit shopping bags.

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